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Question: My reception budget is limited what should I spend the most money on?

I would have to say spend the most you can afford to make sure the food is good. That is what people remember. Also make sure you have a gorgeous wedding cake. Usually guests will come early to the reception before the bride and groom and be walking around looking at everything. Not to mention - if you are having a cake cutting ceremony you will want a beautiful cake for the photos. I have been to a beautiful reception that had a huge cake, BUT it looked like an amateur made it - turns out the reception hall people made it. So check for the best wedding cake baker / decorator you can find. Ask for sample photos and have photos of your own to show what you have in mind.

What about guest books? Wedding guest books are great as the let your wedding guests sign in and leave a few words for the couple. Place your guest book on a table at the lobby or entrance of your ceremony location and then one at the entrance of your reception location. At the reception it is a good idea to have your DJ announce it as a reminder for guests that missed it. Don't for get a wedding pen of course! Guest books and pens come in a variety of styles. Find the right one for you!
A common question? What accessories items will I need for the wedding?Here are some of the basics! For the wedding ceremony: aisle runner, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, guest book with pen, sand ceremony set or unity candle set. For the reception, guest book, toasting glasses, garter, cake knife and server set! Don't for get wedding favors for your guests and wedding party gifts!

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If you are planning a wedding and have some questions feel free to ask! I am happy to help and give you my two cents, humble opinion etc.!

What about flowers at the reception?

Some things that immediately come to mind is first off, if you are putting flower arrangements on each table make sure they are not too big to see over! You don't want people "MOVING" your centerpieces and putting them on the floor ( I have seen it!) just so they can talk to the other people across the table! Secondly, don't over do the flowers! We DJ'd one wedding where there were walls and walls of flowers between the tables, people could not move around (or breathe) and this was in a big hotel ballroom!

So, flowers are great, love them, choose your favorites to go with your theme and with what your budget will allow. Flower Basics: one not too tall arrangement at every reception table. A nice big one at the entrance on a table with the guest book and a nicely framed photo of the couple.

Welcome to my new wedding blog! I have worked in the wedding industry for almost 20 years. First starting as a Wedding DJ partner with my husband, then selling wedding invitations and wedding supplies online. I have literally been to hundreds of weddings. While DJ'ing we would sometimes do four weddings in one weekend! I have seen and learned a lot over the years. Often we would DJ the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception. I was THE ONE that would coordinate all the events and announcing for the ceremony and for the receptions, I would help coordinate all the events of a wedding reception including, first dance, cake cutting and send off. I'm looking forward to sharing tips and ideas with you.

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